Tattoo artist looking for guest spots.

Ihr sucht oder bietet Stellen als Tätowierer oder Piercer?

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Tattoo artist looking for guest spots.

Beitragvon candles » 02.01.2018 11:57

I am looking for guest spots in Deutscland,Switzerland, or Austria for a short period, around one week / month maybe.
I'm a friendly, Hungarian woman with about 12 years studio experience.
I speak english and deutsch , not perfect but enough for tattoo.
You can check out more of my works here :

If you interested please write me here:
Thank you !
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Re: Tattoo artist looking for guest spots.

Beitragvon Segler » 02.01.2018 15:30

Hi Candles,

I wish you success in finding a guest spot but you should be aware that most members of this forum are tattooed people (i.e. customers) rather than tattoo artists or studio owners. A few of them are around here nevertheless.

When you have found a guest spot, it might be the better idea to post this fact here: I'm working as a guest artist in xy city/studio along with a link to your tattoo gallery and a notice how to contact you and make an appointment.
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