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Guest spot

Beitragvon Guest » 28.06.2019 9:07

Hello. I'm experienced tattooist from Poland. I have over 15th years experience. Looking for a regular guest spot in Germany or Scandinavia. Please take look my work at


Re: Guest spot

Beitragvon InkFellas » 20.07.2020 16:32


is your request also actually in 2020 :-) ?

so please send us an answer on instagram or facebook

inkfellascompany - instagram
ink fellas tattoo company - facebook

our studio is in germany and we are searching for a good guest artist :-)

best regards
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Re: Guest spot

Beitragvon WizardofinkGER » 18.03.2022 16:30

Hi !
i am the owner from a Tattooshop in Germany, if u want we can Talk on Instagram etc.
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