Looking for guest spots ))

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Looking for guest spots ))

Beitragvon Absurdus » 01.02.2015 23:33

Hey everyone! ))

I am interested in traveling Germany for a bit and looking for guest spots, for a short period, around one week maybe.
I'm a friendly, easy going all rounder, with about 8 years studio experience.
You can check out more of my works here https://www.facebook.com/absurdustattoo (page is fresh though)
Let me know if somebody is interested in having me over for a bit! ))

Peace! ))
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Re: Looking for guest spots ))

Beitragvon double » 16.09.2015 12:19

im looking for an guest artist from the 15-20 oktober......
you can also come for two or three days only....

if you are interestet take a look and let me know


best regards Carlo
Du hast dir ein Fahrrad gewünscht ?.....
Dann trampel !!
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